11lp2_t001GOTs (Graphic Operator Terminals) provide an innovative operation and visualization interface. 
The growth of your business and the speed of your production depend on many influences out of your control. 
Whether your focus is centered on uptime, productivity or serviceability, Mitsubishi Electric offers a GOT solution that fits your machine, factory and enterprise level requirements. 

GOT Selection Tool

Product List

GOT2000 Series

top_img03The GOT2000 inherits all the features of GOT1000 series, and introduces a more refined and advanced function set.

GOT1000 Series

11lp2_s001The GOT1000 series offers six classes of terminals including handy type models to fit any system or budget requirement.

GOT Simple

GT21 185x67The GOT Simple Series is designed to provide high levels of functionality for cost sensitive applications.


11lp2_s002GT SoftGOT is an HMI software that allows GOT functions to operate on a personal computer or panel computer.

Engineering Software

11lp2_s003MELSOFT GT Works3 improves screen design efficiency and utilizes existing data. Professional designs can be achieved with just a few clicks.