Collet-Lok®: A Better Way for Hydraulic Workholding!

Enerpac recently announced their upgraded Collet-Lok® family of hydraulic workholding with a new descriptive name: “Depressurized Holding Technology™”.   Collet-Lok® is a unique family of hydraulic workholding product that protects against unintentional loss of clamping, because no hydraulics are required to maintain clamping force.    Once hydraulically actuated to clamp the work piece, Collet-Lok® uses an internal mechanical locking system to maintain the clamping force – automatically, without hydraulic pressure, indefinitely.   This is completely different from traditional workholding, which requires continuous hydraulic pressure.  To highlight this difference, Enerpac now calls the technology used “Depressurized Holding Technology ™”.  The Collet-Lok® family of hydraulic workholding products include swing clamps, work supports, and push cylinders, in multiple sizes and mounting methods – all the clamping products needed for typical fixture applications.


What else is different?  Based on input from customers, Enerpac now offers Collet-Lok® with Viton seals as standard.  This change provides better performance in high temperature applications and provides better chemical resistance to common coolants.   In addition, Enerpac has increased the flexibility of its bottom flange Collet-Lok® product by offer dual porting: both bottom and side ports come standard.  Both port locations are shipped initially plugged, allowing the end-user to remove the plugs from the ports that best fits their application.  Finally, Enerpac, working with its suppliers, have invested in a quick lead time response capability for their broad range of standard Collet-Lok® products.


To help customers better learn about the Colet-Lok® option, Enerpac has created a separate section in its new E215 Workholding Catalog, specifically dedicated to Collet-Lok®.  In addition, Enerpac is now offering Collet-Lok® webinar classes Click here to sign-up and has produced an informational video to help customers understand how Collet-Lok® can help them. Click here to watch a Collet-Lok® video

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