Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. Announces Startup Engagement Program Through MassRobotics

Cambridge, Massachusetts - February 18, 2020 Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. announced its Startup Engagement Program through its sponsorship of MassRobotics. MassRobotics is an independent, non-profit organization that aims to assist startups and existing technology organizations by providing them the workspace and resources they need to develop, prototype, test, and commercialize their products and solutions.

Through the Startup Engagement Program, Mitsubishi Electric Automation is looking to develop proof of concepts and potential investment opportunities. Interested parties are invited to apply through MassRobotics’ website. Ten companies will be selected through the program, and they will have the opportunity to visit Mitsubishi Electric’s headquarters in Japan and meet with the executives from the company in June of 2020.

“We are excited to begin our collaboration with startup companies,” said Mr. Hideaki Minamide (Senior Director) from the North America Development Center of Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. “We know that there are innovative solutions and technologies out there that will succeed and make a difference if given the resources to do so. We are excited to offer an opportunity to invest in and provide that.”

To apply for the Startup Engagement Program, please visit this link.

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