New IAI ELECYLINDER Models and Technical Reference PDFs

Once or twice a month, we like to share IAI Actuator News with the automation community.Download PDFs of new additions to the ELECYLINDER Series and our latest Technical Reference guide.

Newest Additions to the ELECYLINDER Series

Catalog #: Lineup-from (CE0250-10A-2019-10)

Pages: 12

File Size: 3.7 MB

Last Updated: 10/23/2019

New types have joined the EC family.

  • Small types (Sliders) (Radial Cylinders)
  • High-rigidity types (Sliders) (Radial Cylinders)
  • Splash-proof type (Radial Cylinders)
  • Side-mounted motor types

2019 General Technical Reference

Catalog '#: CE0305-1A (1019)'

Pages: 228

File Size: 14 MB

Last Updated: 10/23/2019

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