PLC Basics & GX Works 2 Programming


PLC Basics: This is an introduction to Mitsubishi PLC software fundamentals. No prerequisite required.

GX Works2 Programming: PLC Basics


PLC Basics: This course provides the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of Mitsubishi PLC software.

GX Works2 Programming: This course is intended to introduce the GX Works2 programming software and programming in ladder logic. This course covers the concepts of ladder programming, as well as the features of the GX Works2 software. The material covered will include concepts applicable to the FX Series, L Series, and Q Series programmable controller families. In most cases, different hardware options will be available to allow groups of students to use the hardware platform of their choice.

Course Outline

PLC Basics Programming

  • LESSON 1 PLC Hardware
  • LESSON 2 Numeric Data Handling
  • LESSON 3 System Addressing
  • LESSON 4 Programming Software
  • LESSON 5 Basic Ladder Logic

GX Works2 Programming

  • LESSON 1 GX Works2 Introduction
  • LESSON 2 Creating a Project
  • LESSON 3 Online Operations
  • LESSON 4 Program Documentation
  • LESSON 5 PLC Parameters
  • LESSON 6 Timers & Counters
  • LESSON 7 Basic Instructions
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Available Session

PLC Basics & GX Works 2 Programming

Start 28 September 2021 08:00 AM

End 1 October 2021 04:30 PM

Cost $1,500.00/Seat