Mitsubishi FR-F800 water industry inverters give better control

Inverters reduce electric motor energy consumption while also offering better control. Processes like aeration, chemical infeed and sewage treatment can be more precisely controlled using inverters on various pumps and motors.

De-Ragging/Pump Cleaning feature detects an excess increase in pressure and triggers a self-clearing sequence that will consist of increasing power and/or cycling the pump back and forward to dislodge the blockage.

Inverter controlled pumps are used to match supply to demand throughout the distribution network. They provide more water at peak times and trim it back as demand drops off. Reducing pressure in the distribution network also plays an important role in reducing losses due to leakage.

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Up to 50% energy savings in aeration blowers
  • Reduced vibration and “water hammer” effect
  • Cleaning/De-ragging function (Pump cleaning)
  • Better control of blower fans and pumps

View the complete data illustrating the impact of installing FR-F800 inverters

“Rags, wet wipes and towels caused on average 2 clogs per week resulting in 4 hours of tedious service calls to clean out clogs via pump access plates. Mitsubishi’s “De-clogging” feature has eliminated these issues completely over the past 3 months.”

Matt Powers
Murfreesboro City Water

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Mitsubishi FR-F800 water industry inverters give better control