In-Sight 3800 Vision System

In-Sight 3800 vision system for fast, accurate AI-based inspections

Designed for high-speed production lines, In-Sight 3800 offers an extensive vision toolset, powerful imaging capabilities, and flexible software to deliver a fully integrated solution for a wide range of inspection applications.

This new system is embedded with a comprehensive set of vision tools that includes Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based edge learning technology and traditional rule-based algorithms. Easy-to-use edge learning tools solve tasks with high variability and are setup in minutes with just a handful of training images. 

In-Sight 3800

  • Run more inspections in less time – Maximize throughput with high-speed processing and quick setup
  • Improve the accuracy of your results – Generate high-contrast, high-resolution images that detect even the most subtle defects
  • Seamlessly scale your solution – Solve jobs, from easy to complex, using a common software platform

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In-Sight 3800 Vision System