GX Works 3 Programming /IQ-R


Students should have some PLC programming experience. Some topics covered are advanced in nature.


This course is intended to introduce and take an in-depth look at the features and programming languages of the GX Works 3 software. It provides full descriptions of Ladder, ST, SFC, and FBD/LD languages utilizing label based programming..

Course Outline

GX Works3 Programming

  • LESSON 1 GX Works2 Introduction
  • LESSON 2 Creating a Project
  • LESSON 3 Online Operations
  • LESSON 4 Program Documentation
  • LESSON 5 PLC Parameters
  • LESSON 6 Timers & Counters
  • LESSON 7 Basic Instructions
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GX Works 3 Programming /IQ-R

Start 16 July 2024 08:30 AM

End 19 July 2024 04:30 PM

Cost $1,800.00 per seat