RT Toolbox3 Programming


This is an entry-level robot programming class. No prerequisite required.


This course familiarizes attendees with Mitsubishi Electric robot products and the software needed to configure, teach points, make changes, and maintain a robot system.

Course Outline

RT Toolbox3 Programming

  • LESSON 1 Robot Safety & Product Overview
  • LESSON 2 Robot System Operation
  • LESSON 3 RT Toolbox3 Introduction and Use
  • LESSON 4 MELFA Basic V Programming Language
  • LESSON 5 EOAT, Tooling, Gripper, Hand, etc.
  • LESSON 6 Programming and Program Management
  • LESSON 7 Connecting to the Robot
  • LESSON 8 Operation and Control
  • LESSON 9 Robot Parameters
  • LESSON 10 Status Monitoring
  • LESSON 11 Robot Maintenance

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